Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Software testing and its objectives

This post mainly covers the basic information about what is testing and the main objectives of the testing team

  What is Testing?
   It is a process of verifying are we developing the right product or not and also validating does the
  Developed product is right or not.

  Software testing = Verification(QA Process) + Validation(QC Process)

 What is Verification?

    It is a process of verifying: Are we developing the right product or not.  This is also known as static testing. It will define the process and also ensure that the team is following the process as expected.

 What is Validation?

    It is a process of validating: Does the developed product is right or not. This is called as dynamic testing. It is termed as real test execution. That may be manual testing or automation testing

 Objectives of Testing:   

  1. To confirm whether the application is developed according to customer requirements or not
  2. Finding defects
  3. To make sure all problems are resolved and close.
  4. Finally testing is helpful to deliver a quality product and risk-free product to the customer

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